Our Main Survey Areas



One of the most important surveys before the start of any construction project is a thorough topographical survey. Highlighting discrepancies between what exists and what’s proposed saves time and cuts costs.

Topographic Land Surveys


Redeveloping buildings requires a clear understanding of what was there originally. We can provide detailed CAD drawn elevations and floor plans or a 3D laser scan of your project to support its redesign.

Measured Building Services


The detection of underground utilities is important at the outset of any construction project as a way of ensuring good health and safety practice, reducing costs and keeping the project on track. Use our experts before you start construction.

Underground Utilities Mapping


Setting out buildings requires expert accuracy. Similarly, calculating areas of volume for cut and fill balancing and monitoring subsidence levels are processes that reside in the more complex aspect of surveying, areas that our surveyors thoroughly relish.

Engineering Surveys


The legal boundary is an imaginary line that separates one person’s property from another. The physical boundary could be altogether different. Need help with determining your boundaries?

Boundary Surveys

Building Information Modelling

As construction projects are increasing in complexity, the need to simplify the project information, inputs and deliverables and create a central ‘information hub’ is increasing. Find out how our products are BIM compatible.

Building Information Modelling