Measured Buildings Surveys (MBS)

There is increasing demand for measured building surveys of previously constructed buildings as developers and architects seek to record what currently exists in order to update and enhance what is already there. Our clients require these surveys for such things as recording the current condition of a building façade for historical purposes, for maintaining the architectural integrity of a streetscape or for the reconfiguration of internal commercial or domestic layouts.



How we carry out these measurements depends upon your end requirements. Streetscapes and architectural definition are more often than not defined within line drawings using a total station to capture the data. More complex, photogrammetric end requirements mean that our clients benefit more from our 3D laser scan using ‘point cloud’ with typical data collection rates of 50,000 points per second and an accuracy of up to 4mm. Using a laser scan allows our clients to maintain the complex or historical context of the building with a survey that can be completed within a matter of days or hours.

We measure your internal layouts using a DISTO for smaller properties or by using one of our Leica Total Stations for warehouses and large internal office spaces.

The team at Powers & Tiltman can offer a wealth of experience and wide ranging expertise in accurate internal and external area measurement with these types of surveys being of great interest to the team and back office staff due to the visual impact they make.