3D Laser Scans

In cases where there is a vast amount of spatial data to be collected, a total station elevation (line drawing) of a building may not be enough. A laser scan of the site will create a 3D plan by collecting high resolution data obtained by point cloud. Our laser scanner picks up millions of points in any one area at speed giving a photographic quality to the plans which can be used for anything from panoramic walk-throughs to the final as-constructed layout of a building.

The benefits of 3D laser scanning surveys:

Accuracy – our laser scanners pick up millions of geo-referenced points with millimetre accuracy, giving a precise and detailed picture of what is there.

Speed – with the ability to pick up millions of points in one go, the laser scanner can pick up vast swathes of land or buildings reducing the amount of time required on site and therefore reducing the total project life cycle and the cost to the client.

Safety – our laser scanners work remotely on site to capture difficult to reach areas thus removing the significant health and safety aspect that renders some projects unfeasible or less cost efficient.

3D Laser Scanning can be effectively utilised for a wide range of projects including:-

  • 3D Building Models for integration into BIM software such as Revit
  • Archaeological sites and heritage surveys
  • Post construction scans for facility management
  • Topographical surveys
  • Civil infrastructure surveys 
  • Detailed elevation surveys
  • Volumetric Surveys
  • Event Planning

It is possible to use 3D Laser Scanning before a project commences to assist with on-site logistics and allow designers to gain valuable data regarding information such as adjacent building heights or obtain vital dimensions for planning purposes. 

One of team would be happy to help with any of your survey requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is laser scanning compatible with BIM?

    Yes, all surveyed points using a laser scanner are 3 dimensional and are ideal for using with BIM.

  2. We have limited access time to carry out certain building surveys?

    Laser scanning is ideal if access time is limited, as a vast amount of data can be gathered in a short space of time.