Engineering Surveys

The term Engineering Survey is our overarching banner covering specialist surveys required for pre-construction, construction and structural monitoring.

We have dedicated staff working on our setting out sites who are requested back time and again due to their diligence and attention to detail whilst on the job.

Our Ground Modelling and Volumetric Capabilities are used mainly by earth moving contractors and their clients. It provides transparency for both parties defining actual mathematical volumes of earth that are being shifted around, in and out of a site to create the required ground levels.

Use our Specialist Monitoring Capabilities to understand the level of structural movement in your building (or in your floor) and determine whether it is continuing to move and how quickly this is happening with our easy to understand reports.

Finally use our Specialist Vibration Monitoring Equipment to see to what extent the work you are carrying out is having an effect on the buildings surrounding your site. It can provide a backup and proof of vibration levels over periods of time, minimising risk in the long term. Our team are trained in the use of this specialist equipment and can provide it along with a computer for pulling together vibration reports for analysis.

Whatever survey specialism you need, we are here to help and can talk you through the options available to you to meet your end requirements. You won’t be disappointed.