Vibration Monitoring

As space becomes a premium in towns and cities and the fashion for ‘digging down’ escalates, the need to monitor building and vibration levels close where there is a significant amount of excavation going on is becoming critical. Using a vibration recorder and regularly monitoring the movement of any buildings of concern by setting up fixed targets, we can keep track of any movement caused as a result of the work being carried out in the vicinity.

The Effects of Vibration

The data on building movement can be submitted in a variety of formats but is usually submitted as an excel spread sheet along with a vibration report showing the levels of vibration during construction.

We use the latest equipment and surveying techniques in order to determine all kinds of movement, land settlement and structural deformation as well as monitoring and can provide you with a programme of surveying methodology, risk assessments and the required reporting of results prior to working on site.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How can I monitor whether the construction work near my building is causing dangerous levels of vibration?

    We can set up a Vibrock Monitoring Sensor to constantly store vibration information over a set period of time.