Land Surveyors with 40 years experience providing professional topographical land surveys across the North West, Midlands, Lancashire and Yorkshire

One of the most important tasks for any construction project, a thorough topographic (‘topo’) survey can prevent costly delays by highlighting issues surrounding;

  • the difference between a site’s existing ground levels,
  • the actual ground levels versus the proposed design levels,
  • the accurate positioning of proposed works and
  • the ability to check that the physical and legal boundaries of the site match up with current documentation.

When executed at the initial stages of a project, these checks prevent costly delays by highlighting any ground (or current plan) anomalies, creating a dialogue for preplanning and decision making that will ultimately keep projects on track and within budget.

Our most requested Topographic Survey instructions come from clients requiring a layout or base plan of their land prior to development. These surveys are usually instructed alongside one of our Underground Utilities Surveys so that clients can get the full picture above and below the ground, which can then be passed on to designers and architects in any format. It’s worth noting that we are able to supply all of our surveys in BIM (Building Information Modelling) compatible software formats for the crucial first layer of building design.

There are four different types of topographical survey to suit your specific needs:

1. Large and small Topographic Surveys, see our Standard Topographical Survey Specification list to help you compile your survey request

2. GPS (Global Positioning Systems) Surveys for surveying large tracts of land on the ground,

3. Aerial Surveys for fast mapping of areas that are difficult to access, hazardous or inhospitable for any reason and

4. As-Built Surveys to present an accurate layout of post construction for road and sewer adoption, amongst other things.

Whatever your needs we are happy to chat in detail about how we can best fulfil your requirements as we know that every survey is individual to each of our clients.

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