As Built Survey

As the name suggests As Built (or As Constructed) surveys are surveys illustrating where buildings, pavements, roads and features have been built. Whilst these surveys are typically completed at the end of the construction process they may also be carried out during the different stages of construction. 

During construction As Built surveys are used to demonstrate to the building inspector that the project is conforming to regulations.  It can be a useful tool during a large project to show what has been completed and allow for scheduling adjustments to be made.  This type of survey could also be used by a contractor to determine payment schedules relating to different aspects of the build, also an As Built survey could confirm that the building process complies with the original plans.

As Constructed surveys may be required for a wide range of land projects and can include everything from roads and rail construction to utility improvements and building construction.

Various interested parties may need this information for numerous reasons, for example;

  1. The return of retention money may only be released on a building project once it has a completion certificate which relies on an accurate As Built drawing.
  2. Drainage authorities may require As Built sewer records before they can adopt a drainage network.
  3. An As Built survey will be required by highways authorities prior to the adoption of completed works on new developments.
  4. There may be a need to confirm the location of any steel beams or structures.
  5. Identification of sewer or storm water drainage.

The team at Powers & Tiltman can perform as constructed surveys of any site to determine the positions and levels of new buildings and infrastructure with drainage systems being represented in plan or sectional formats.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is an as-constructed survey?

    An as-constructed survey is a survey which represents accurately the layout of works undertaken on a new development, from the laying of sewers, house positions, boundary positions and new landscaping.

  2. Why is an as-constructed survey important?

    It is important because it ensures new developments are sticking to submitted layout plans and accuracy of ground works is being adhered to.

  3. How accurate are as-constructed surveys?

    Highly accurate as we use existing site control and sophisticated equipment to ensure the survey is well within industry tolerances.