Full Utility Survey

To assist our clients from design concept through to planning and on site activity, we can provide a comprehensive utility survey showing accurate position, type and depth of services in relation to design features such as foundations or proposed service routes. This gives our clients the advantage when considering their Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 and Health & Safety requirements and by doing this they benefit from:

  • Reduced time spent on site
  • Reduced risk of harm from service strikes
  • The type of buried service can be detected
  • Lower project costs
  • A better understanding for service adoptions and diversions
  • Less time spent with line and highways adoptions
  • Reduction in the disruption to pedestrians and road / rail users

Our utility surveys comply with Level 4 (5) TSA Utility Survey Guidance Notes, survey category type B – PAS 128 proposal document.

A chat with one of our experts will only take a few minutes but could prove an enormous cost saving in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What sort of equipment is used for underground utilities surveys?

    We use EM + GPR technology:

    EM (Electro Magnetic) technology traces live services or known services that a low voltage electric pulse can be passed along and traced from the surface.

    GPR (Ground Penetration Radar) once all known services have been traced using EM, GPR is then used to scan the site for any services which are unable to be located by EM e.g. plastic pipes or unknown services.

  2. Do utilities surveys find everything under the ground?

    No underground utilities will trace most services on site using a combination of service records, EM + GPR. The majority of services will be traced.  There are limitations however. Services which are too deep or too small for GPR to get a clear reading and are not shown on statutory record plans may not be detected.

  3. Can you tell how deep the services are?

    Yes the GPR + EM equipment lets us know the depth of the service being traced.